My Writing Hole

Honestly, I’ve run blogs before. Albeit, they were Tumblr articles, so they don’t necessarily count, but I’ve done it. I’ve just never tried to do it on my own domain.

Having my very own website to post my writings and musings is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and in light of the fact that I keep telling myself every day that I want to be more serious about my writing, I figured it was finally time. So here it is: my homely little WordPress blog on which I intend to share my writing.

I write all kinds: poetry, short stories, essays, personal narratives, novels and novellas, and even songs. I love everything about the craft, and I intend to perfect it and continue at it until my dying days.

If you see anything you like on here, don’t be afraid to leave a little comment telling me what you thought about it. (I’m also not against constructive criticism.) I’ve been writing since I was a kid, but this is my first attempt at being serious about it, so I’m eager to please and I’d love to learn anything that you have to teach me.


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