The Other House

A teacher I had in elementary school recently contacted me and posted this scan of a poem I wrote in her class. I’d forgotten all about it and thought it was really cool! I don’t know for sure, but I have a little hunch I’d recently read Robert Frost’s “Two Roads Diverged” poem shortly before I wrote this; see if you agree with me. I decided to post it here, unedited, for nostalgia’s sake. Bear in mind that I was probably nine or ten when I wrote this.

The big house at the end of the road,

And in it treasures lay vast.

But looking at the other house told,

I wonder if treasures last

Out in all that cold.


How could it stay through all these years?

And the doorknob so shiny and new,

Through all the laughter, hardship, and tears,

And all the history grew,

But you can still hear it through ears.


A treasure is none next to living!

Opportunity like clay in your hands.

Gold pieces, diamonds, rubies, a treasure ring,

But with trees, love, and grasslands,

Treasure isn’t anything!


I decide on the other, the one where life takes place,

Instead of riches galore,

You get treasure in palm, in fist, in your face,

And you’re more greedy than before!

Instead of life filled with grace.


People let go of smiles for money,

And that, to me, ย is sad.

Life, if done right, is sweet as honey,

And keeps people from going mad.

Over what used to be gay and funny!


Choose the other house, like me!

So you can be happy and free!


3 thoughts on “The Other House”

  1. This is really good for a 9 year old. The Road Not Taken has been one of my favorite poems and I think it’s pretty great you read and understood it so early, at 9 years of age. I read it two years ago when I was 14! Good work ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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