My name is Samantha Lea. I’m eighteen years old and currently in my first year of college pursuing an English degree with a focus in creative writing.

I’ve been writing and reading ever since I was a little kid. I first declared that I wanted to be an author when I was four years old and subscribing to the gospel of children’s authors such as Eric Carl and Shel Silverstein. I kept this ambition throughout my whole life until now, where I stand perfecting my first completed manuscript and deciding how to go about publishing my debut novel. Recently, I’ve won four awards in the annual IUS Writing Competition (1st place in poetry, 1st place in research writing, 3rd place in flash fiction, and the Diversity award) and I was featured in the NAHS Silhouette.

In the meantime, I decided to publicize some of my smaller works on a personal blog. Here you’ll find some of my short stories, poems, personal narratives, and other silly musings that I’d like to share. Don’t be afraid to leave feedback and tell me what you think of my work! I’m always looking for advice on how to improve.

When I’m not writing, I like to sing, play piano and ukulele, read, watch YouTube videos, spend time with my boyfriend, and drink coffee. I’m a Christian, a liberal, a cat-lover, and a bisexual. And above all, I am a writer through and through.