Stranger Feelings

I spent the first ten years of my life thinking that love was a miracle, and that it existed for me. I spent the next five thinking…quite the opposite. My mind was changed at a prom. I’d spent the day getting my hair curled and pinned and my face heavily made, and I bore witness… Continue reading Stranger Feelings


A Thesis In Repose

Often we our minds do strain To make the boldest, lasting claims That shock and awe, and yet do lack In stating truth and reaching fact.   Our research cackles, our articles bray; Toward revelation our thoughts do stray. And rarely do we stop and suppose The idea of a thesis in repose.   In… Continue reading A Thesis In Repose

Cold-Blooded Predator

The snake slides with its belly in the dirt, its tongue flicking over dust and grime, its glassy eyes glossed over with neutrality and observant silence. It is hungry.  The snake does not seek trouble. It tends to actively avoid it, in fact. It slithers underground and winds itself into a coiled spring around the… Continue reading Cold-Blooded Predator

The Other House

A teacher I had in elementary school recently contacted me and posted this scan of a poem I wrote in her class. I'd forgotten all about it and thought it was really cool! I don't know for sure, but I have a little hunch I'd recently read Robert Frost's "Two Roads Diverged" poem shortly before… Continue reading The Other House

Musings: The Forest, the Archangel, and Me

This is a bit of an experimental piece of writing in that I just sort of freewrote for about half an hour and am now posting completely unedited. I've decided to post these sorts of writings under the title "Musings" so that it's clear that they aren't quite as polished or sensical as my normal… Continue reading Musings: The Forest, the Archangel, and Me

The Psychology and Prevention of the Sexual Predator

Abstract This paper focuses on the ability to identify and rehabilitate sexual predators based on understanding how they think and behave. It does so from the perspective of the psychological phenomenon of “nature vs. nurture.” Research will include the role of society on the formation of sexual predators, the psychological damage accrued during childhood, and… Continue reading The Psychology and Prevention of the Sexual Predator

She Can Only Be The World

She bows for no one and nothing She plays like she’s already won She’s always inventing something That’ll give her the edge that she wants   She dangles the moon With the sun in her eyes Her soul has an orbit Her laugh pulls the tides Her hands spin the stars So they dance and… Continue reading She Can Only Be The World

The House of Fallen Angels

It was enormous. Its towers scraped the sky. The weather vane disappeared behind pointed, celestial rooftops to circular rooms I knew we’d never need. The shingles were faded. It needed a coat of paint. The windows were coated with years’ worth of dust, grime, and hairline fractures. Balconies splayed from bays high above the treetops.… Continue reading The House of Fallen Angels

Arm Yourselves!

Arm yourselves! Your weapons stand Poised for battle In ink-stained hand. Do not tremble, do not waver. Do not doubt your godly favor.   Pursue the truth, Though hard to follow it. Oft you’ll find That people swallow it. Do not fear coercion and gore; They are allies in verbal war.   In reality ravaged… Continue reading Arm Yourselves!